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Groupe Grimaud – Business



– 2nd largest multi-species poultry genetics group supplying customers in more than 100 countries from European, U.S., Brazilian and Asian facilities.
– Groupe Grimaud supports the United Nations Global Compact.

Vivalis, Groupe Grimaud’s first biotechnical investment, uses its ultra-modern GMP facilities to develop unique solutions to fight against viral illnesses, based on its EB66 cell line from duck embryo stem cells. Today, the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers have acquired licenses to develop vaccines based on the EB66 line. This same platform also allows the production of pharmaceutical proteins of a quality that is currently unequalled. Lastly, the company is developing its own molecules to fight against hepatitis C.
Filavie, the other biotechnical subsidiary of Groupe Grimaud offers its range of autogenous vaccines against bacterial pathogens to the animal-production sector. It is also developing an innovative concept of natural microbial flora, of defined and stable composition, based on Lactobacillus and Bacillus distributed in drinking water, which improves both the technical performance and the environmental conditions of animal livestock.
Grimaud Frères Sélection produces rabbit serum for polyclonal antibodies production used in human therapeutic applications involving organ transplants.

Animal Genetic Selection
– With 9 centres of animal genetic selection in France and the USA, as well as subsidiaries and local joint ventures – in the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the USA and Brazil – the companies: Grimaud Frères Sélection, Hubbard, Novogen and Newsham Choice Genetics offer the widest range of breeding stock to the poultry, rabbit and pig industries throughout the world.

– The production of ducklings, Groupe Grimaud’s initial business, is performed by Eclosion and its subsidiaries. They produce nearly one million commercial ducklings per week, mainly for the French and European markets.


– End of 60s: created by Bernard and Joseph Grimaud, specialization in the multiplication and hatching ducks.
– Early 70s: a program of genealogical genetic selection begins in partnership with the National Institute for Agricultural Research.
– 1978: a first subsidiary is established in Germany.
– During the 80s: diversifies activities by rabbits, peking ducks, pigeons and mulard ducks.
– 90s: accelerates internationalization by USA, Italy, China and Malaysia.
– 2001: separation of activities, the selection is provided by Grimaud Frères Sélection and hatching and multiplication by Eclosion.

Grimaud Frères Sélection

– Ducks, rabbits, pigeons, chickens, guinea fowks and pigs genealogical genetic selection, reproduction and marketing.


– Creada en septiembre de 2008, enfocada a la selección genética y comercialización mundial de aves ponedoras.


– Se introducen los primeros machos Hubbard M99, procedentes de Francia, en los complejos de producción de la integración avícola más grande del mundo, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation.

Group Grimaud La Corbière S.A. purchases Merial‘s subsidiary Hubbard, one of the world’s leading Broiler Breeding Companies.
– Exclusive distribution agreement with CFI Holdings for the Hubbard Flex in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries Botswana, Malawi and Zambia. Besides they will also focus to grow their business in some other countries across the African continent.
– Mr. Ahmad Khatib owner of Khatib Poultry Company in Syria, assisted by Dr. Raafat M. Raafat, his agent in Iraq and Mr. Jean-Jacques Trevidy and Alastair Lewin of Hubbard, hosted a seminar for their customers from Iraq.
Hubbard Asia Co. Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand.

– Agreement with Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd for exclusive use of the Joice and Hill hatchery at Fulletby, Lincolnshire, which hatches eggs from the Hubbard UK grand parent farms.
– Agreement with Genetex Poultry Breeders Ltd. for the distribution of Hubbard Flex PS in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia.
– 2nd Russian Hubbard GP Centre in operation by ISABALT in cooperation with the “PRIOSKOLJE” group.
– Agreement with Maniker Co. Ltd. of Korea to handle the sales and distribution of Hubbard parent stock in the Korean Peninsular.
Hubbard establece su propia granja de bisabuelas en Brasil.

– Alianza con MetaMorphix Inc. para desarrollar, en forma conjunta, una serie de marcadores genéticos que maximicen el progreso genético de las líneas Hubbard. GENIUS – Whole Genome System de MetaMorphix identifica marcadores genéticos que permiten predecir el comportamiento productivo de aves de carne en diferentes características deseadas.
– Agreement with Country Pride Group Ltd. to handle the sales and distribution of Hubbard Flex parent stock in New Zealand.
Hubbard acquires Fulletby hatchery from Joice and Hill Poultry Ltd.
– Agreement with ABONA kft to establish a local joint company called AGRABONA kft to produce and distribute the Hubbard FLEX breeders in Hungary and neighbouring countries.
Azienda Agricola Dal Verme obtains the exclusive rights to distribute the Hubbard Ultra Yield in Italy.

– Hubbard y Globoaves crean Global Breeders Avicola Ltd. en Brasil.
– Launch of the Hubbard Yield, new product for the broiler industry.
Al Jazeera Poultry Grandparents, distributor of the Hubbard Classic, and Hubbard organises the 2nd “Al Jazeera-Hubbard Poultry School” in Amman, sopported by the companies Ceva, Intervet and Provimi.
– Agreement with I.P. Tsusho Co. Ltd. in Japan covering an exclusive sales representation and a Grand Parent agreement for the Hubbard Flex in Japan.
– Distribution agreement with Midway Chix Ltd. for the placement of Hubbard Flex Grand Parents and the production of Hubbard Flex Parent Stock in South Africa.

– Syria / Iraq / Lebanon: Khatib Poultry Company, Hubbard distributor since 1990.
– China: Hebei Tianfeng Group Company, Hubbard Flex Distribution since 2004.
– Pakistan: Al-Noor Chicks, official distributor of Hubbard Starbro since 2000 ; Grand Parent Poultry Ltd, since 1992.
– Japan: “Yamamoto Hatchery”, Hubbard’s exclusive distributor of the Hubbard Redbro since 1991. “Yokoo Farms”, one of their major customers.
– Jordan / Irak / Palestine: Al Jazeera Agriculture Co., a private shareholding company established in 2000, distributes Hubbard Classic PS.
– Bangladesh: Paragon Grand Parent Farm and Aftab G.P. Farms Ltd., since 2006.
– Argentina: “Cabaña Avícola Eco de las Aves”, miembro del grupo CRIAVE, producción y distribución de reproductoras Hubbard desde 2006.
– América Central y Caribe: abastecidas directamente de plantas incubadoras en EE.UU.
– El Salvador: producción mayoritaria de pollos comerciales.
– Russia / CIS countries: BALTISA ; LENPTITSEPROM ; ISABALT, exclusive distributor and major supplier.
– Egypt: Cairo Poultry Grand Parent Company.
– India: Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd. ; Godrej Agrovet Ltd. ; Skylark Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd.

Newsham Choice Genetics

– 1971: Se crea DEKALB Research.
– 1976: Se funda Newsham en el Reino Unido.
– 1987: Newsham Hybrids inicia un proyecto de muestreo de genes en los Estados Unidos.
– 1990: Newsham Hybrids se establece en los Estados Unidos.
– 1992: DEKALB importa genética de JSR Healthbred Ltd. y France Hybrids.
– 1997: Newsham comienza la técnica de selección de grupos Gentel.
– 1998: Monsanto Company compra DEKALB Swine Breeders y se convierte en Monsanto Choice Genetics.
– 2002: Monsanto Choice Genetics se centra en la selección asistida por marcadores moleculares.
– 2002: Adquisición de Newsham Hybrids y formación de Newsham Genetics.
– 2006: Newsham Genetics adquiere AusGene International LLC.
– 2007: Newsham Genetics adquiere Monsanto Choice Genetics.

– Se cambia el nombre por el de Newsham Choice Genetics. 2nd largest supplier of swine genetics in the North American market.
Newsham Choice Genetics and Groupe Grimaud form a long term strategic alliance. Grimaud takes an important interest in Bucolica BV, the Netherlands based company holding a major interest in Newsham. The Newsham original ownership: Bucolica, the Mitchell family, and key Newsham employees remain in control. Grimaud’s investment in Bucolica occurs through its new holding, “Pig Genetics Development Company”, the vehicle for development in the swine genetics business particularly in Europe and Asia.

– David Baum, Ph. D., Vice President of Health and Technology since 2006: graduated with his DVM degree from Iowa State University in 1983 and practiced veterinary medicine in the Postville, Iowa, area for 12 years. In 1997 earned his Ph.D. from ISU. From 1996 to 2000, served as a Tech Services Veterinarian for Boehringer-Ingelheim. Worked for Biotest Diagnostic Corporation and, later served as a staff veterinarian for Murphy-Brown.
– Archie C. Clutter, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development: BS degree with Distinction in Agricultural Business at Iowa State University in 1981 and MS and PhD degrees in Animal Breeding and Genetics from the University of Nebraska. Served on the Department of Animal Science faculty at Oklahoma State University for 13 years, reaching the rank of Professor in 1998. In 2000, joined Monsanto Company as a Senior Scientist in Swine Molecular Breeding and later led the QTL Analytics group responsible for the discovery and mapping of genes contributing to variation in economically important pork production traits. Named Director of Swine Research for Monsanto Company. Collaborating Faculty Member in the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University.
– Gary Holloway, Vice President of Production since 2003: BS in ag business from Western Illinois University. From 1995 to 2002, general and production manager for Seghers Genetics Inc.
– Mark Weaver, Co-CEO: DVM from Iowa State University. Vice president of health and technical services at Newsham. Previously employed by Swine Graphics.
– Brent Mitchell, Co-CEO: BA in Marketing from Iowa State University in 1991, and MBA from Drake University. Chief operating officer for Newsham prior to joining Mark Weaver as Co-CEO. Mitchell family started a pig genetics business in 1973.
– George Lindsey, CFO/Controller: BS in finance from Ohio State University and MBA from Iona College. Licensed CPA in Ohio, Hawaii, and Colorado. With Newsham since 1998. Prior to Newsham, president of Nelson Information Inc., a subsidiary of Primedia Inc. CFO of New York-based Backpacker Inc. and junior partner in a local public accounting firm.
Max Rothschild, collaborator: C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture at Iowa State University and Director of the Center for Integrated Animal Genomics and U.S. Pig Genome Coordinator.